Blurity is now faster

You like new features, right?  I’m betting you like improved stability as well, eh?  So do I.  That’s why I’m happy to announce that Blurity v1.1.87 is the fastest, most-stable, least-memory-hungry version of Blurity yet!

In particular, you’ll now find an option in the File menu for setting preferences.  Within the Preferences dialog box, you’ll see an option to enable accelerated processing.

The new Blurity preferences dialog box

If you check that little box, you’ll find that Blurity is up to 30% faster at processing.  It’s particularly noticeable when dealing with large blur and sample box sizes.

The trade-off is that the blur modeling can be (but won’t necessarily be) less accurate when acceleration is enabled.  Also, certain parameters need to be tweaked if you’re using accelerated processing in Advanced mode, most often the level of solver filtering (usually higher) and the number of solver iterations (also usually higher).

Give it a try; it’s off by default. If you like it, great! If you don’t like it, switching it off again is as simple as checking a box.


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