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Magic: fixing double-exposed photos

A few days ago, a customer emailed us with a problem: a double-exposed photo. Could Blurity help, they wondered? I decided to investigate. The flaw in the photo was that the same image appeared twice. If it has been two … Continue reading

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Larger images now supported on Windows

Blurity no longer limits images on Windows to 24 megapixels. We heard this complaint time and again, with increasing frequency as high-pixel-count cameras became more common. Fundamentally, the problem was memory: Blurity requires a very large amount of memory to … Continue reading

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Advanced Blurity usage: custom blur models

Sometimes, not even Blurity can remove the blur from a photo on its own. If that happens, you might be able to help it along by using one of Blurity’s advanced features: opening a custom blur model. In ordinary operation, … Continue reading

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Blurity got Mac

About a month ago, a new option quietly snuck onto the download page: Blurity is now available on the Mac! That’s right: now blur can be a thing of the past for Mac owners, too.  Hooray! The Mac version of … Continue reading

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Blurity is now faster

You like new features, right?  I’m betting you like improved stability as well, eh?  So do I.  That’s why I’m happy to announce that Blurity v1.1.87 is the fastest, most-stable, least-memory-hungry version of Blurity yet! In particular, you’ll now find … Continue reading

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