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Magic: fixing double-exposed photos

A few days ago, a customer emailed us with a problem: a double-exposed photo. Could Blurity help, they wondered? I decided to investigate. The flaw in the photo was that the same image appeared twice. If it has been two … Continue reading

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Back to school sale

EDIT: The sale is over now. Thanks! In celebration of the 200,000th download of Blurity, we’re having a back-to-school sale! From now until September 1st, 2015, save 25% off the normal price of Blurity when you buy a registration key. … Continue reading

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The many definitions of blur

Over the years I’ve been developing Blurity, one thing has become clear: not everybody thinks of “blur” the same way. For me, and thus for Blurity, a “blurry” image is one that has had its high-frequency content obscured through either … Continue reading

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Enlargement blur

Let’s say you have a small image and you want to make it big.  Perhaps you lost the larger version, or perhaps there never was a larger version. If you go to a normal photo editing program, like Photoshop, and … Continue reading

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Blurity is Back!

Blurity is back!  The world is still full of blurry photos, and there still are no other decent blur removal tools available to consumers. For this round, Blurity is an application that runs on your PC. Specifically, your Windows PC … Continue reading

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Battle: Photoshop vs. Blurity for motion blur

Whenever the topic of photo deblurring comes up, there are inevitably comparisons to and questions about Photoshop’s built-in tools.  As discussed in an earlier post, things like unsharp mask do help to improve the apparent sharpness in certain situations.  In … Continue reading

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Why _Un_sharp Mask Makes Images Look Sharper

With a name like “unsharp mask,” it would be reasonable to assume that such a thing would make a blurry image even blurrier.  The opposite is true, of course: unsharp mask is a popular technique for improving the perceived sharpness … Continue reading

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Motion blur

Imagine this: you’re trying to take a photo of your friends with your camera, but the light is dim and you can’t use a flash. The camera seems to focus successfully, so you click the shutter, but the resulting photo … Continue reading

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