Are you looking for some examples about how to use Blurity?

If so, the Features page might be useful, since it shows real images being deblurred.

You can download those same blurry images from the links to the right and try to reproduce the results yourself. If you get stuck, you can refer to the screenshots that are included in the examples.

The Blurity user manual includes descriptions of the various parameters. It provides hints about how to make Blurity perform successfully for you.

Want some blurry images to experiment with?

Give these a try:


Several questions frequently come up in support emails. Generally, they stem from over-optimism with respect to Blurity's capabilities. (Sadly, Blurity cannot always work miracles.) So, a few things to note:

  • Blurity DOES NOT work on severely out-of-focus images
  • Blurity DOES NOT enlarge small images, nor does it "deblur" enlarged images
  • There almost certainly will be some visual artifacts after deblurring unless the blur is relatively small

For more information about Blurity's capabilities and limitations, plus directions about how to use Blurity's various settings to maximize your chances of successful deblurring, please see the Blurity user manual.

Known issues and recent changes

Open issues:

  • Installing Blurity as an administrator on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 will prevent non-admin users from also installing Blurity
  • If user's directory on Windows is at a UNC path, image processing will fail
  • Certain tools that aggressively delete temporary files will cause image processing to fail
  • Deblurring will be substantially slower on computers with AMD processors versus those with Intel processors

Recently fixed bugs and added features, by version:

  • 1.5.176
    • Various Mac-related bug fixes and improvements
  • 1.5.175
    • Fixed registration problems for certain Windows XP users.
  • 1.5.171
    • Support for loading processing settings from previously deblurred images
    • Faster blur modeling
    • Better support for very large (35+ megapixel) images on Windows
    • Fixed issue with PNG images that contain ICC profiles
    • Reduced memory usage with large images
    • ...and more!
  • 1.4.169
    • Fixed DLL issue for a subset of 64-bit Windows users
    • Fixed registration issue
  • 1.4.167
    • Images larger than 24 megapixels now supported on 64-bit versions of Windows with at least 4 GB of RAM
  • 1.4.164
    • Added option to adjust deconvolution noise reduction
    • Various minor bug fixes
    • Last Mac version compatible with OS X 10.6.8
  • 1.3.160
    • The "Open File" button and menu item no longer leads to a crash in certain situations on Mac OS X
  • 1.3.157
    • Previously saved blur models can now be re-opened and used to process images
  • 1.3.154
    • The blur model can now be saved as a PNG file
    • The Mac version of Blurity is now digitally signed, so Gatekeeper no longer pops a scary warning on Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and newer
    • The tutorial window no longer stays on top of all other applications when Blurity is in the background
  • 1.3.151
    • Changed minimum image dimension to 200 pixels -- had been nominally 400 pixels, though a bug meant it was actually 403 pixels
  • 1.3.147
    • Certain images would hang when opened due to a problem reading color profile data
  • 1.3.143
    • File types once again correctly displayed in "Save as" dialog box
    • New version of MKL in Windows build to eliminate sporadic DLL initialization errors
    • New advanced blur parameter: "Blur model cleanup" for reducing shot noise in modeled PSF
    • Processing is now 30% faster due to deconvolution simplication and resolution of a bug in the blur modeling solver
    • In the event of an error while processing an image, an informative error code is now displayed
  • 1.3.140
    • The tour is now called the tutorial
  • 1.3.137
    • Better error handling on 24+ megapixel images on Windows when memory is low
  • 1.2.136
    • Fixed bug related to temp files being deleted on Windows while they were still in use by Blurity
    • Full filename now shown in window title
  • 1.2.134
    • Added support for PNG files
    • Blur-level slider now much more responsive on Mac
    • Non-sRGB color spaces are now displayed and preserved correctly
  • 1.2.131
    • Image loading now happens on a separate thread
  • 1.2.129
    • Internet connection no longer required for demo/trial/unregistered mode
  • 1.2.125
    • Better error handling
    • Better handling of temp files
  • 1.2.122
    • Old sample box location now cleared correctly when a new image is loaded
  • 1.2.119
    • Now possible to drag the sample box around after it has been placed
  • 1.2.110
    • Fixed "Please insert a disk" error on startup when an empty memory card reader was at drive E: (!)
  • 1.2.109
    • Much faster (up to 2.5x faster) processing on Windows with AVX-capable Intel processors
  • 1.1.101
    • First Mac release!
  • 1.0.64
    • First public Windows release!

If you notice a crash, please report it using the email address below.

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